Partner With Us


Fridaze' success is built on great local retailers and small business owners like you.  We know that you work hard to make positive impact on your local communities.

We are extremely grateful for your loyalty and would like to contribute to your efforts in making your communities a better place. 

We would be happy to participate in your local fundraisers and charities through donations or sale of our products. We will donate 100% of the profits to your chosen charities.  

For more information, please contact us!


Diva, Scottsdale, AZ

Wendy Elderkin, owner of Diva in Scottsdale, AZ, hosts an annual luncheon to raise support for Alzheimer’s Disease. Fridaze provided a donation of two jackets which were used as door prizes during the 2013 Spring luncheon. Wendy was happy to say that they love Fridaze blouses and jackets and appreciated Fridaze' support for their luncheon. 

Tree Frog Gallery, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Bob Boettcher, owner of Tree Frog Gallery in Mayne Island, British Columbia, hosted a Fashion Show Fundraiser on November 17th, 2012 to support the Assisted Living Society of Mayne Island. Fridaze donated two high-end jackets for this local favorite charity event. This successful event raised a generous donation for the Assisted Living Society of Mayne Island. 

Bob expressed his gratitude to Fridaze while stating, “The Fashion Show is geared to interest all the island locals. 

Fridaze is very popular with my clients as it suits all age groups and the clothing fits all body types.” This is Bob’s second fashion show and this year he had the local customers begging him to make this an annual fundraising event. His previous show in 2011 was held to raise funds for the local school system, and the next show Bob hopes to support the early childhood development programs of Mayne Island. Fridaze is committed to support Bob in his effort in helping these Mayne Island community programs.