Every garment we produce here at Fridaze is made possible by the labor of love from our exceptional team of master tailors. All of our master tailors approach their craft with unrelenting, uncompromising commitment to quality. As a result of this passion for their work, we are able to offer you, our customers, the exact tailoring that you have come to expect from Fridaze.

While many of our competitors are rolling in the machines to cut hundreds and thousands of pieces at once, and selling them by the pack, my family and our tailors are still making each Fridaze piece as we did the generation before us. Our hand-cut patterns, French seaming, and precision tailoring is something we are proud to offer. It has been a difficult road keeping the traditional tailoring alive, but our customers have shown us that it is still worthwhile to make clothes the "old school" way and that we do not have to cave to mass production.