Customer Testimonials

“Hi Fridaze –

I recently purchased one of your shirts in Pacific Grove – and I love it.  It will be great for traveling!


  • Susan W., Pacific Grove, CA

“Hi, I bought a Fridaze shirt at a store in Sonoma several months ago and I really love it.”

  • Deb W., Palo Alto, CA

“We love, love, love the line and talk it up to all our customers! Looking forward to receiving the merchandise and selling Fridaze!”

  • Marc of Priscilla’s in Ojai, CA

“I truly love your jackets and am so glad I found them. I'm just now exploring your website and can't wait to receive my order!”

  • Nancy M., Houston, TX

“Hi, I love the cut of the AA188 jacket. I recently discovered your wrinkle free linen pants at Silk Moon in Sebastapol.  They are the best constructed pants I've seen in a long time. Your finishing is superb; it's been years since I've seen bound seam edges and the bullion stitch to anchor the slit at the leg cuff is fine finishing you just don't see any more.  I have already reserved 3-pairs at Silk Moon when they receive their October order! Please keep up the good work! Discriminating customers appreciate it. Thank you!”

  • Emi

“I have many of the Fridaze jackets that I have purchased from Classic Woman in Anchorage, AK. I have the Cowl Neck Jacket in a dark green and absolutely love it. One of my favorite Fridaze pieces. Your garments are the center of my packing for trips. Always look perfect. Such a great line.”

  • Pat M., Wilsonville, OR

“I would love to order two jacket pieces from your collections. I own 3 pieces of your clothing already and love your designs and material. Thank you.”

  • Laura H., Oakland, CA

“I have two of your tops that are wonderful.  I’d like to add more.”

  • Pam M., Rye, NY

““Well done, you” to the entire Fridaze team for your customized service. I will be singing your praises here amongst the “frozen chosen.””

  • Sue A., Soldotna, AK

“I love your shirts, and would love to have for a trip that I am taking to India.”

  • Idee S., New York, NY

“Greetings! I am writing to say thank you for my fabulous panel elastic waist skirts. I bought 3 black and one brown as that is what was available. I wear them every day at work and am wondering if you will continue to make them, perhaps in a few more colors like navy blue and dark brown. They are so helpful and beautiful, I am very grateful for them and hope to buy more if they are available. Thank you very much.”

  • Wendy T., Santa Rosa, CA

“I love Fridaze clothes!  It was very kind of you to respond so quickly.”

  • Vicki B., Wichita Falls, TX