Fridaze Trunk Show FAQ's

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Fridaze trunk show! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our trunk shows:

  • Who is eligible to host a trunk show?

Currently our trunk shows are available to established Fridaze retailers with a seasonal order on file.

  • What is the cost to host a trunk show?

There is a nominal fee of $100 to host a trunk show.

  • Why is there a fee to host a trunk show?

This nominal fee covers the cost of a UPS Ground shipping label to and from our corporate office in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. It also helps cover the increased tailor costs from cutting single items.

  • When is the trunk show fee due?

We will invoice and collect the fee 12 weeks prior to the trunk show to reserve your date and trunk show sample set.

  • What do you send to the boutique?

We will send a trunk show sample set consisting of our Top Ten styles, a return label, inventory sheet, current line sheets, current color charts, and swatches to assist your customers with their orders.  Upon request, we will also provide you with a link to our online photo album and our digital logo for advertising purposes.

  • How long can I keep the samples?

A typical Fridaze trunk show can last from one day to several days. We will reserve the trunk show samples for as long as your trunk show is scheduled.

  • Can I sell the trunk show samples?

We ask that you do not sell the trunk show samples but take orders for the quoted shipping window. Our trunk show samples travel between stores and are needed for the next reservation.

  • Do you send a company representative to the trunk show?

No, we do not send a company representative to trunk shows. However, you may invite your local sales representative to the trunk show to assist you. This is dependent on the individual sales representative’s schedule and is not up to the corporate office.

  • When will my customers receive their orders?

We will quote you a shipping window for your orders. Our shipping window designates a block of time where we will ship an order from our corporate office located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The quoted shipping window does not guarantee delivery date. Delivery will typically be anywhere from 5 to 10 business days from the shipping date and can be longer depending on adverse weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Do you offer any marketing materials?

We are happy to provide you with photos and our digital logo for advertising purposes. However, we do not create the marketing material for your boutique.

  • How do I send the samples back to your office?

We will include a return label in the box of samples. Simply box the samples back up, remove previous labels from the box, affix the provided return label and bring to your local UPS store or UPS driver.