HERS Breast Cancer Foundation


HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, Fremont, CA: HERS Breast Cancer Foundation strives to support all women healing from breast cancer by providing post-surgical products and services regardless of financial status. Fridaze is committed to providing regular brand new, tailored, high end linen and silk apparel to all three HERS San Francisco Bay Area locations and to HERS annual fundraisers to help raise funds for these important services.

A Message from Joyce Tang:

Fridaze has been involved with HERS for 3 years on a quarterly basis. My staff has been working with the HERS Team to ship brand new, tailored silk and linen apparel for the clients of all 3 HERS locations in the Bay Area. Our original intentions were to hopefully brighten up the day of the woman warriors who are struggling with breast cancer in a small way. However, I met the HERS staff for the first time at their Open House as a vendor sponsor in October 2019, and the responses I received from these HERS angels were overwhelming. Every single one of HERS staff including the need providers and directors of programs came up to me to share their stories and photos of how our clothing has impacted their clients' journeys. When a woman is fighting for her life, they said, the last thing they could think of is luxury items for themselves. However, what we provided was more than clothing, because each of them walked out with our clothing feeling more dignified, courageous, and hopeful. We help to put respect and fight back into these women warriors simply by dressing them for the struggle. They may be in for the fight for their lives, but we can empower them by helping each look beautiful and confident while doing it. This has been a most humbling and important lesson for me. We are truly blessed to have these HERS angels in our community.