At Folkways our focus is on women 45 years and older who want flattering, comfortable well made apparel for the special events in their lives. These may include Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the Groom, their own second weddings, weddings in general, anniversaries, reunions, cruises, foreign travel (as well as wine tasting in Napa Valley!), the opera, the symphony, etc. We also specialize in unique artwear pieces as well as contemporary sportswear. We are known for personalized customer service by our knowledgeable (and thoughtful!) staff. As a result we have many repeat customers; often new customers have been referred by their friends. - Given what’s out there in the malls (ours in Eugene are geared for women/girls under thirty) and in the discount stores (no service) makes Folkways a destination for older women in our community and in southern Oregon! We’re unique! The reasons our customers love Fridaze are many! These include the fact that it’s wrinkle resistant linen (that stops customers in their tracks!); the construction is top of the line; the styles fit just about any body type and the colors are both classic and what’s in fashion.We merchandise the line all-together (“color blocked” rather than all of one style together) so that if a customer likes one style she can look at another “color grouping” that she likes and find her preferred style in that color as well. As soon as someone walks up to the rack(s) we immediately share that it’s wrinkle resistant linen. If we are sure that a customer can’t find what she likes we then mention that we can special order a different size/color/style for her. Being able to special order one piece at a time is an important part of our customer service. Thank you, Fridaze!

Pamela | Owner of Folkways, Eugene, OR

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