Natural Discoveries opened our St. Armands Circle boutique in 1999. On a barrier island off Sarasota Florida, this is a unique shopping area of 140 independent stores founded by John Ringling in the 1920’s.  It is well-known in Florida and attracts a large amount of international tourists annually. We wanted to create a comfortable space for women to shop with attentive sales associates. We also wanted to provide hassle-free shopping with a curated collection of unique, quality clothing not found in department stores.  I guess we succeeded because it’s almost 20 years later and we are still here.  In 2012, we found a winner in the Fridaze line and have carried it all year since then.  It is in the top ten sellers consistently and our staff is very proud to introduce it to new customers.  The hand-tailored quality of Fridaze and the easy travel of a non-wrinkle linen has also made it a staple for many of our regulars.   Being in Florida, we also love the colors offered and the easy care.  It is a line that can be easily sold in any boutique that caters to women!

Judi Dewalt | Owner of Natural Discoveries, Sarasota, FL