Artifax is known for its art-to-wear clothing created by local and national designers.  We specialize in unusual garments and styles designed using unique textiles and high quality fabrics.  Fridaze linen is one of our best selling lines; not only because of the designs of the garments, but also because of the unique fabric. Our customers are drawn to Artifax by the uniqueness of our styles and the convenience of some of the fabrics we carry.  We cater to both local customers and tourists who often buy our clothing for travel.  We emphasize the washability, non-wrinkling, and no-ironing features of Fridaze, as well as the great fit and wide range of color and style available.  There is something that fits every figure.  We especially emphasize the quality workmanship of each garment and they are always impressed by the tailor-finished seams. I often tell the story about a customer who was going on a long car trip.  She bought two Fridaze blouses and one pair of pants for her trip.  When she got to her destination, after 8 hours in the car, they were late and she had no time to change before her event.  The next week, she came back to our store to purchase several more Fridaze pieces because she said when she got out of the car, she didn’t have a wrinkle on her.  

Kaeti Bailie | Owner of Artifax Art-to-Wear

Joyce TangArtifax