Collage Boutique is one of the few privately owned boutiques still open in Waco, Texas, that focuses on young career to mature customers. The ages of our customers range from 20's to 90's!! Our focus is welcoming with a smile, offering unique styles that aren't found in department stores, make our customers our friends, and lots of customer service. Our customers are drawn to Collage Boutique because of our attention to detail and honesty when asked our opinions about the clothing. We are very genuine in our relationships with our customers and they know we are sincere in trying to help them as best we can. Fridaze is the perfect fabric with the perfect weight for our central Texas weather. The fact that it is comfortable, washable and dryable is definitely a selling point that is influential in the customer's purchase. Fridaze offers a change of colors and designs that keep our customers wanting the new looks each season. The testimony of our sales staff wearing Fridaze and sharing with customers the ease of taking care of the pieces and how comfortable it is to wear, helps in selling the product. Fridaze looks professional enough to wear to work and comfortable enough to pack for a fun vacation. Fridaze is one of the most popular brands we sell at Collage Boutique. Because of the reasons stated above, we continue to have good sales and repeat customers from year to year.

Janice Hale | Owner of Collage Boutique, Waco, TX

Joyce Tang