Artifax is known for its art-to-wear clothing created by local and national designers.  We specialize in unusual garments and styles designed using unique textiles and high quality fabrics.  Fridaze linen is one of our best selling lines; not only because of the designs of the garments, but also because of the unique fabric. Our customers are drawn to Artifax by the uniqueness of our styles and the convenience of some of the fabrics we carry.  We cater to both local customers and tourists who often buy our clothing for travel.  We emphasize the washability, non-wrinkling, and no-ironing features of Fridaze, as well as the great fit and wide range of color and style available.  There is something that fits every figure.  We especially emphasize the quality workmanship of each garment and they are always impressed by the tailor-finished seams. I often tell the story about a customer who was going on a long car trip.  She bought two Fridaze blouses and one pair of pants for her trip.  When she got to her destination, after 8 hours in the car, they were late and she had no time to change before her event.  The next week, she came back to our store to purchase several more Fridaze pieces because she said when she got out of the car, she didn’t have a wrinkle on her.  

Kaeti Bailie | Owner of Artifax Art-to-Wear

Joyce TangArtifax

Since 1979 Brigadoon has been the place to go for wonderful, fun to wear, anywhere clothing. Our customers know they will get specialized customer service and they love finding quality, unique, unusual items that are timeless. They want easy to care for fabrics. Things that can take them from bridge to dinner on the town. They look for outfits that can be dressed up or down.

 Fridaze fits into our ever changing wardrobes. Pair the concept of “refined linen” with a well established and experienced ladies boutique and it’s a match for success. Our customers want to look as fresh when they go for cocktails as they did when they headed out the door in the morning. Fridaze allows them to enjoy great looking styles in the most fabulous easy care, no wrinkle, no iron linen.

 Our customers continue to return for more styles and colors. By wearing the collection they are our best advertisements. We have more ladies that come in and say “ My friend had on something last night that I loved. She said she bought it at Brigadoon”… And so the next Fridaze experience begins!

 We believe in Fridaze at Brigadoon… We wear it and love it and enjoy sharing the joy of looking and feeling great with our customers. Come visit us!

Pam | Owner, Brigadoon, Naples, FL

Brigadoon Success Story 11.23.2018  (2).jpeg
Brigadoon Success Story 11.23.2018  (1).jpeg
Joyce TangBrigadoon

"What makes Byzantium unique is our loyal, satisfied clientele. Our loyal, imaginative, ingenious staff knows our clientele and know the inventory. They help our customers purchase garments and enhance them to make our customers look and feel great. Our customers return because she wears what she buys and receives compliments on her attire. Our customers are our best and only advertisement! Fridaze has a luscious feel, or 'an exquisite hand' as they say in the business. It offers a variety of colors and shapes that can enhance many silhouettes. The ability to look professional and casual as well as being wrinkle resistant are all super pluses for everyone in today's world. Fridaze is a must!"

Annie | Owner of Byzantium, Great Barrington, MA

Joyce TangByzantium

Collage Boutique is one of the few privately owned boutiques still open in Waco, Texas, that focuses on young career to mature customers. The ages of our customers range from 20's to 90's!! Our focus is welcoming with a smile, offering unique styles that aren't found in department stores, make our customers our friends, and lots of customer service. Our customers are drawn to Collage Boutique because of our attention to detail and honesty when asked our opinions about the clothing. We are very genuine in our relationships with our customers and they know we are sincere in trying to help them as best we can. Fridaze is the perfect fabric with the perfect weight for our central Texas weather. The fact that it is comfortable, washable and dryable is definitely a selling point that is influential in the customer's purchase. Fridaze offers a change of colors and designs that keep our customers wanting the new looks each season. The testimony of our sales staff wearing Fridaze and sharing with customers the ease of taking care of the pieces and how comfortable it is to wear, helps in selling the product. Fridaze looks professional enough to wear to work and comfortable enough to pack for a fun vacation. Fridaze is one of the most popular brands we sell at Collage Boutique. Because of the reasons stated above, we continue to have good sales and repeat customers from year to year.

Janice Hale | Owner of Collage Boutique, Waco, TX

Joyce Tang

Cute & Comfy was originally a comfort shoe store located in the heart of Nashville, TN focusing on providing stylish and VERY cute comfort shoes!  Many of our customers are on their feet all day, traveling internationally, or just enjoy quality footwear.  Fast forward seven years to two years ago when we decided to expand our comfort selection to clothing as well!  Upon opening the clothing side of the boutique, the owner’s daughter, Devri, called several boutiques in Texas to get some advice and Fridaze came HIGHLY recommended!  Our secret to selling Fridaze is fairly simple.  We just make them try it on!  If someone is on their way into the dressing room and they haven’t grabbed a piece, we’ll pick a style that we think suits that particular lady and just say “Hey, since you’re trying on, this is our wrinkle resistant linen and you should try it on just for the experience...”  and the rest happens at the register because the product is worth its salt. 

Darcy & Devri | Owners of Cute & Comfy Shoes, Nashville, TN

Cute & Comfy Success Story 2.jpg
Joyce TangCute & Comfy Shoes

"[The] quality craftsmanship in our clothing and accessories, and our quality customer service, is what attracts customers to our store. Our customers are tired of the "rumpled" look of linen, and Fridaze solved that issue. Colors are bright and remain so, and the varied styles suit everyone's tastes. Fridaze has the best wrinkle-resistant linen on the market. We take the sleeve[s] and crush it; customers can't believe that it does not wrinkle. We make them try it, too. It's a no-brainer after that."

Susan Coker | Owner of Dina Porter, Chapel Hill, NC

Joyce TangDina Porter

We carry a wide variety of items and cater to plus size customers. Our customer service, selection, and variety of different vendors that can't be found in other stores make our store unique for our customers. We hold many special events and trunk shows to highlight pieces. The quality of Fridaze is excellent, we push that and show how the blouse is finished on the inside. The colors and styles, the fact that it doesn't wrinkle, all of these are big selling points.

Wendy Elderkin | Owner of Diva, Scottsdale, AZ

Joyce TangDiva (AZ)

At Folkways our focus is on women 45 years and older who want flattering, comfortable well made apparel for the special events in their lives. These may include Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the Groom, their own second weddings, weddings in general, anniversaries, reunions, cruises, foreign travel (as well as wine tasting in Napa Valley!), the opera, the symphony, etc. We also specialize in unique artwear pieces as well as contemporary sportswear. We are known for personalized customer service by our knowledgeable (and thoughtful!) staff. As a result we have many repeat customers; often new customers have been referred by their friends. - Given what’s out there in the malls (ours in Eugene are geared for women/girls under thirty) and in the discount stores (no service) makes Folkways a destination for older women in our community and in southern Oregon! We’re unique! The reasons our customers love Fridaze are many! These include the fact that it’s wrinkle resistant linen (that stops customers in their tracks!); the construction is top of the line; the styles fit just about any body type and the colors are both classic and what’s in fashion.We merchandise the line all-together (“color blocked” rather than all of one style together) so that if a customer likes one style she can look at another “color grouping” that she likes and find her preferred style in that color as well. As soon as someone walks up to the rack(s) we immediately share that it’s wrinkle resistant linen. If we are sure that a customer can’t find what she likes we then mention that we can special order a different size/color/style for her. Being able to special order one piece at a time is an important part of our customer service. Thank you, Fridaze!

Pamela | Owner of Folkways, Eugene, OR

Joyce TangFolkways

We are a portable boutique, on the whole. We have a lot of experience in fitting and flattering the fuller figured woman. We work very well with private appointments as well as small groups using in-home parties. We find that the informality of an in-home situation puts everyone at ease and can lead to eye-opening experiences for some of our clients who are a little reticent to "think outside the box." Of course, being in a very warm climate makes the linen even more appealing, and although we are in the hill country, we still do have days with a great deal of humidity. We don't really have a secret to selling Fridaze, but rather show the prospective customer the possibilities and they do the deciding themselves. We are very low-key in our approach.

Gloria and Fred Soto | Owners of Glorious Styles, Fredericksburg, TX

Joyce TangGlorious Styles

"Since 1972 GREEN INK has offered the best in style, selection and service for women of all shapes and sizes. We carry unique lines of supremely wearable clothing and shoes as well as a full complement of funky accessories, jewelry, lifestyle books and baby gifts. Founded by Betty (Bee) Givan and now co-owned by Bee and her daughter Bethany Mazza, GREEN INK is located in historic Wickford Village, a coastal seaport 25 miles south of Providence, RI and 10 miles west of Newport, RI. Our goal has always been to help women look and feel their best every day and for every occasion. Our customers are first attracted by the styles and colors but the fit, tailoring and overall quality of Fridaze make it one of our top selling brands. Our customers love that they get the comfort and ease of linen with styling that gives a sophisticated, polished look."

Bethany Mazza | Co-Owner of Green Ink, Wickford, RI

Joyce TangGreen Ink

Our Pacific Northwest customer loves linen but hates her ironing board, so Fridaze's styling and easy care really work for her.  She also recognizes the quality construction and care that goes into every piece.  Because their experience with Fridaze linen has been so good, many of my customers have come back for additional pieces.
There is an old saying that says "Quality - price - service.  You can get two of these, any two, but RARELY all three, for there is always a trade-off.  Joyce Tang and her company are the exception to this, delivering every time on all three!  I wish all my vendors exhibited this high level of excellence across the board.
Susan Lawrence | Owner of HEART, Bainbridge, WA

Joyce TangHeart

We are a specialty store that carries plus sizes only. Our customers are drawn to the unique labels and complete sizes that we offer. We carry a variety of styles from casual to dressy to meet all our customers' needs. The wash and dry feature of Fridaze is a wonderful selling point as well as the varied styles to suit all body types. The wrinkle resistant feature makes the product travel well, which is another great selling point for our customers. Our customers also like the fact that we can custom order any style in any color, effectively meeting the needs of each individual.

Tonnie | Manager of In Full Swing, Oakland, CA

In Full Swing Trunk Show (3).JPG
Joyce TangIn Full Swing

We are a destination store in a remote, "bedroom" community. We started almost 30 years ago and by necessity, we have made our store very unique in a lot of ways. We have created a one-stop that carries everything from flowers, gifts, gourmet foods, home accessories, clothing, jewelry, luggage, and more! We have made our store extremely customer oriented. It IS the customer here. We hold frequent events and parties, like our complimentary pedicure Saturdays. We strive to create a "girlfriend" environment, and know most of our customers by name. We offer them drinks such as tea, water, and even wine! Plus there are the fresh-baked cookies. Fridaze has made our love-hate affair with linen into a love-love affair! We love it, just love it! The colors and styles make it fabulous and we take our pieces with us to market and the wrinkles just fall out overnight! The latest fashion colors and extensive offering make it perfect. We wear our pieces often, several times a week in the store! I decide that I'm going to sell whatever I'm wearing that day, and our customers buy A LOT at one time. I wear it, I love it, and I tell everyone the story."
Linda | Owner of Kay's Gifts, Broken Arrow, OK

Joyce TangKay's Gifts

M&F Casuals is unique in that we cater to the needs of real women in all shapes and sizes, and all ages.  We truly want our customers to look and feel great in the clothes, accessories, and shoes that they purchase from us.  After all, they are our best advertisement!  Customers know that we search for the best quality merchandise at affordable prices and curate an assortment for the store that is bright and exciting.  Our secret of selling Fridaze clothing is no secret- we simply tell the customer about the wrinkle resistant fabric.  They love the lightweight breathability of the fabric and the way it fits.  It’s easy to match up with great pants to give a head to toe polished look.  We just try to keep in stock the sizes and colors they want and need!

Barbara | Owner of M&F Casuals, Fairhope, AL

M&F Casuals Store Front

Joyce TangM&F Casuals

Marita's is located in the heart of Pacific Grove where you still find personal service. We carry sizes XS to 3X in all styles and fabrics. Fridaze is one of our Best Sellers because of great quality, fit, awesome styles and the fact that it is wrinkle resistant linen.
Marita | Owner of Marita’s Boutique, Pacific Grove, CA

Joyce TangMarita's Boutique

‘Our store offers a unique collection for the contemporary woman who loves a simple, classic casual look. Our customers appreciate our excellent customer service and know we’ll find the perfect pieces for them. [Our customers love Fridaze due to] the fact that it’s wrinkle resistant and goes in the washer/dryer. They love that. [My secret to selling Fridaze is] wearing the product myself and talking about how wonderful it is for travel."

Marley Herring | Owner of Marley's Palm Beach Collection, Palm Beach, FL


Monique’s Boutique is known for being travel friendly by offering comfort, quality and style. Therefore Fridaze has been the perfect discovery I made 5 years ago at the WWIN show in Las Vegas. When I mention linen to my customers, the first reaction is: “no I don’t like linen, it wrinkles”. Then I share my exciting story of discovering Fridaze’s wonderful product. Elegant and well-made designs in 100% linen with no ironing required, perfect for traveling! It changed the “no, I hate linen” to “yes, I love Fridaze”!

Monique | Owner of Monique’s Boutique, Portland, OR

Joyce TangMonique's Boutique

Natural Discoveries opened our St. Armands Circle boutique in 1999. On a barrier island off Sarasota Florida, this is a unique shopping area of 140 independent stores founded by John Ringling in the 1920’s.  It is well-known in Florida and attracts a large amount of international tourists annually. We wanted to create a comfortable space for women to shop with attentive sales associates. We also wanted to provide hassle-free shopping with a curated collection of unique, quality clothing not found in department stores.  I guess we succeeded because it’s almost 20 years later and we are still here.  In 2012, we found a winner in the Fridaze line and have carried it all year since then.  It is in the top ten sellers consistently and our staff is very proud to introduce it to new customers.  The hand-tailored quality of Fridaze and the easy travel of a non-wrinkle linen has also made it a staple for many of our regulars.   Being in Florida, we also love the colors offered and the easy care.  It is a line that can be easily sold in any boutique that caters to women!

Judi Dewalt | Owner of Natural Discoveries, Sarasota, FL


New Threads is a fun women’s clothing store located at Corte Madera Town Center, right in the heart of picturesque Marin County.  We’re 15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and we are easy shopping destination from most areas throughout the Bay Area. We value working with suppliers like Fridaze because of the quality and originality of the Fridaze product.  The combination of our ridiculously helpful customer service and great merchandise keeps our customers happy!

Geraldine Warner | Owner of New Threads, Corte Madera, CA

Joyce TangOceania

We are a tropical beach boutique with unique, quality clothing for women of all ages and sizes. We love color and styles that are interesting, comfortable, and easy to wear. At Oceania you will find soft fabrics, unique jewelry, colorful scarves, and fun dresses for the summer. We have our own private label of clothing, produced in traditional ways in Bali, designed by us and only sold in our shop. We also shop the trade shows searching for fine quality products that will suit our customers needs. The sales team at Oceania is trained to provide a high level of customer service, while keeping the atmosphere casual and fun. Many of our customers return year after year because they find that our products have a timeless beauty and lasting quality. Customers love that Fridaze because it is linen fabric that doesn't get all wrinkly. They also love the beautiful colors and classic styles. We always make sure customers are informed about the unique fabric and how it doesn't wrinkle like other linens. They always get excited about that feature.

Jill | Owner of Oceania Imports, Capitola, CA

Joyce TangOceania